lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011


Death on Demand was originally started in October 2009 by Lee, Phil & Locker.  Locker left shortly after to follow another path but returned in 2011 to take up his original spot on the drum kit.
Stu was a very good friend who had left his band in early 2010 and was offered the role of Bass player and suggested his friend Kurtis do the vocals.
Kurtis was an excellent talent but family problems prevented him from turning up to practice and effected the time that the band could spend in the studio, after a short time Kurtis was asked to leave the band.
Lee then spoke with his old vocalist from Blood Retch & Temple Mortuary, Graham Cleary who jumped into doing vocals during the summer of 2010, however after recording the very first version of Face of Hate Graham’s life changed direction and he could not commit to the band. We have included this version of the track as a thank you to Graham and to also show the very different styles between him & Stu.
After Graham’s departure Stu decided that he was going to take over the vocalist duties and it was the right decision, him and Lee sat down and worked on the lyrics for a few days until the band were happy with the final versions.
Within just a few weeks the band was back in the Studio with good friend and studio Engineer Andy Harper to get the first EP done regardless.
What we have now is the Tree of Woe EP in all its glory; it’s been a long road with many twists and turns along the way.
The name Death on Demand is born from the idea that in our digital age almost everything is available on the internet with exceptions to Death, however with the breakdown of sociable acceptability we believe it’s only a matter of time before the art of death in any form will be at the click of a button.
Films like Gamer, Condemned, Battle Royale & Deathrace portray this and act as an influence for the bands material.
Since recording and making preparations for the EP release D.o.D have secured a Guitar String Endorsement with Dovetail Strings UK, have signed a record deal with Satanica Productions NZ, have entered the Digital Download World via CD Baby & over 20 different Digital Download Sites which include iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, LastFM & many more.
Tree of Woe is due for release on the 31st march 2011.

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Gracias NAFAK-ANXIOUS-ATRONADOR-LAPIDA por la gran fecha

Aca les dejo una breve reseña en imagenes de lo que fue el show del 14/03 en Gral Roca, con el comienzo de Anxious desparramando su death melodico cada ves mas ajustado y demostrando una gran escena y tecnica, Atronador un thrash metal arrollador de principio a fin, que a traves del tiempo esta joven banda se supo ganar al publico del Valle, Lapida terrible death tecnico, esta ves con una nueva formacion cambio de bajista y cantante pero manteniendo la misma escencia de siempre y supo cautivar al publico presente y el cierre de Nafak fue tremendo, presentando temas de su disco Melodias del Armagendon, y temas de su proximo trabajo GiBoRim demostrando por que es una de las mejores bandas del death melodico latinoamericana.

Acaros en vivo Catriel 14/02/09

Gracias a todo el publico de Catriel por el terrible aguante!!!

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